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How Snacking Affects Oral Health

It’s still a few hours until dinner and your stomach is growling. You’re thinking of reaching for a snack, but then you remember you just brushed your teeth after lunch. Have you ever wondered how snacking affects oral health? Is…

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Dental Care is Self Care

When many of us think of self care, we might picture a walk among fresh air and nature, practicing yoga, a quiet meditation session, a relaxing bath with essential oils or getting creative in a coloring book. All of these…

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3 Ways Braces Benefit You

Getting braces is like a rite of passage for many kids and teens, but is also common for adults. The decision of whether or not to get braces is a big one. Braces provide many benefits. Here are some ways…

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What is Gum Disease?

“What is gum disease?” you may wonder after a chat with your dentist. A term that ecompasses a variety of situations and needs, gum disease is also common, affecting almost 1 in 2 adults in the United States alone. That…

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Does Mouthwash Really Work

Does Mouthwash Really Work?

Sure, mouthwash is a good part of a daily oral hygiene routine, but does mouthwash really work? The plethora of choices at the store can be overwhelming, so if you should use mouthwash, what kind is best? Which One, Which…

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Who Needs Orthodontics

Who Needs Orthodontics?

A beautiful smile can be the very thing that sets you apart from the crowd. But did you know that seeing an Orthodontist is more than simply cosmetic? If you’ve been wondering who needs Orthodontics, and whether it’s something you…

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Is Gum Disease Reversible

Is Gum Disease Reversible?

Gum disease is a common problem, affecting half of adults in the United States. The older an adult is, the more likely they are to have experienced gum disease, whether the more mild gingivitis, or the more advanced periodontitis. So…

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