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75 Years Of Fluoride

75 Years of Fluoride

This year is the 75 anniversary of one of the biggest breaks in preventative dentistry: Fluoride in water! The History of Fluoridation Following a study by Dr. Frederick McKay into children whose teeth were stained with what was called “The…

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Mission Trip In Jamaica, October 2019

Mission Trip in Jamaica, October 2019

In Dr. Gill’s spare time she and her husband, Will Gill, enjoy using their skills in dentistry to serve others. Dr. Gill and Will volunteered to attend a dental Mission Trip in Jamaica this past October. Dr. Gill and Will…

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Woman Eating And Smiling

How Can I Get Rid of Plaque?

What Is Dental Plaque? Whenever we eat food, some food particles get stuck between our teeth. These food particles combine with saliva and fluids in the oral cavity to make our mouth a breeding ground for bacteria. This deposition of…

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7 Ways to Tackle Gum Sensitivity

Do you have swollen, irritated or painful gums? Do your gums bleed or become sore when you brush or floss your teeth? If yes, unfortunately you are suffering from gum sensitivity. Gum sensitivity and soreness is one of the most…

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